What is Black Garlic?

Black Garlic is a kind of fermented garlic used as a food preparation element in many international dishes. Black Garlic  is often associated with a marvellous taste, full of appetising complexity – the flavour can be described as a reconciliation between sweet and savoury, without losing the well known garlic tanginess.  The texture is similar to some dried fruits, with a supple consistency.

But Garlic Stinks! It does, doesn’t it?

See it as the old saying: “With age, comes wisdom” – odorless wisdom. A key characteristic of Black Garlic, is the fact that it is odorless. If your Black Garlic stinks anything remotely like garlic, you’ve bought the wrong product! Black Garlic can be enjoyed without having bad breath afterwards, no stinging stenches and no harsh chomps.


It's Healthy

Black Garlic has double the amount of antioxidants as raw garlic. Then there’s the natural compound S-Allyl Cysteine, proven for lowering cholesterol and preventing cancer.

The Colour Change

Turning black without no additives? During the fermentation process, sugars and amino acids in garlic produce melanoidin. This substance has a dark colour – hence the dark colour of the Black Garlic

Oh, the Taste

Appealing to the senses. Black Garlic is a must for home and catering experimentation in meals throughout the day. Slightly sweet, slightly savoury, fully exquisite


Something about health benefits?

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the antioxidation capacity of raw garlic
  • Black Garlic’s antioxidation capacity is 10 times more than the measured level in raw garlic
  • External academic data conclude that aged garlic (Black Garlic) and its antioxidant levels extract on sickle-shaped blood cells by reducing the Heinz body count.
  • S-aryl Cysteine (as mentioned above) is not present in fresh garlic, in contrast with its existence in Black Garlic. Effects include: avoiding cancers, impeding cholesterol, as well as heart and Alzheimers disease avoidance.
  • Polyphenol’s content level is compelling and is effective in preventing oxidation of cholesterol, preventing generation of active oxygen and limiting arterial sclerosis.


How long does it last?

Even though nothing is added to the garlic when Simply Garlic produces the Black Garlic, the natural shelf life of Black Garlic is 6 – 8 months. It is recommended to place the peeled cloves in cold storage after opening – this will ensure that next week’s lovely and unique ingredient doesn’t dry out. Because the garlic is fermented in South Africa, it lasts longer than imported black garlic.

How is Black Garlic made?

The Garlic We Use

Simply Garlic make sure to use the highest grade raw garlic available. This, along with our outstanding experience in the South African agri-food industry, ensure that the best bulbs turn black

Turn up the heat!

The fermenting process has been fine-tuned with the correct humidity and temperature inputs, with qualified operators regularly taking samples to establish a consistent product

Quality Products

Sorted by Hand

Black Garlic Experts sort the Black Garlic bulbs by hand, eliminate sub-par bulbs and package the final product themselves. Only the best bulbs make it to you