Black Garlic Recipes

Crunchy Vegetable and Sesame Noodle Salad – with Black Garlic

A lovely salad that can serve as a light lunch. Perfect for one to two persons.

Cheddar, Black Garlic and Potato Soup

Need 6 servings and only have half an hour to prepare? This delicious Cheddar, Black Garlic and Potato Soup is the answer!

Black Garlic Tomato Sauce

This tasty recipe is very versatile and provides an ideal base for a variety of pasta dishes and pizzas. It can also be served with chicken or fish.

Black Garlic Stuffed Mushrooms

Black Garlic Stuffed Mushrooms is a delicious explosion of well known mushroom taste and the unique flavour of Black Garlic. This meal serves 6 as a starter.