Introducing our new easy-to-use squeeze bottle. Our superior crushed garlic, but in an unequaled convenient packaging you’ll cherish.

Great pure tastiness. Squeeze, squeeze and squeeze some more!

Convenience, Comfort, Ease

Our all new squeeze bottle is ideal for everyday meals. No more smelly hands, no more goodness stuck in the corners.

Squeezy Smooth Texture

The Squeeze Garlic’s smooth texture adds a new dimension to your love for garlic.

Longer Lasting Freshness

Simple Squeeze bottles are filled with Simply Garlic’s High Grade crushed garlic – it lasts longer but is so delicious you don’t need to worry

Squeeze on Anything

Simply Squeeze Garlic compliments many brunch, lunch and dinner meals – be it chicken, pizza, vegetables, chips or Saturday’s boerie

Where can I find it?

Simply Garlic’s Simply Squeeze Crushed Garlic is available at most Shoprite/Checkers in the Northern parts of South Africa. Simply Garlic is currently working on expanding it’s retail base, with possibilities of Spar, Fruitspot and Woolworths as retailers who will sell Simply Garlic’s Squeeze Garlic.



Do you have samples available?

If you are interested in buying some samples for retailing or personal usage purposes, please contact us buy clicking on the tab on the left of the page.


Squeeze Garlic is ideal for most kind of meals. Here, some freshly grilled South African pork ribs is served with Squeeze Garlic
Squeeze Garlic on Food
The lovely texture of our Squeeze Garlic will bring joy to your taste experiences. Soft and smooth was the idea from the start.The lovely texture of our Squeeze Garlic will bring joy to your taste experiences