Quick Introduction

So, everyone knows of sun-dried tomatoes Рa specific preparation process for a well-known food. Why not take this preparation process, and apply it to other types of food, say, onions?

Simply Garlic’s Sun-dried Onions product introduces an interesting taste transformation, from spicy and conventional onion taste to a sweet, chewy and tear-less¬†experience. Who says South Africa can’t create its own cuisines?


Unconventional Taste

Better as fresh; Sweet and mildly pungent

Natural Process

A natural drying process – with the help of Limpopo’s hot sun – and we always choose the best quality onions


After the drying process, there is a higher nutrient concentration – meaning higher nutritional value.


Great for family and friends festivities – use Sun-dried Onions everyday or for your self-catering needs when away from home.


Salads, stews, stir-fry or snacks – the interesting taste of Sun-dried Onions makes it a great meal enhancer.

Always Availiable

If South Africa’s sun shines, then there is Sun-dried Onions available – it usually enjoys year-round availability.